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Lord Alfred Korzybski's Structural Differential

Lord Alfred Korzybski's

Structural Differential

Lord Alfred Korzybski, the great Polish Mathematician, thinker and writer has given mankind several out of the box working principles.

His masterful book “Science and Sanity,” was blocked from being taught in the American Universities until just recently. It pointed out many of the short comings and dangers of University and Scientific thinking.

General Semantics as it is taught today, is a watered down version of the truths that were presented to us by this great thinker.

Both Vitvan and I.F, my spiritual teachers studied with Lord Alfred.

Lord Alfred himself said that he wrote this book in such a way, so that it would someday be accepted by the entrenched establishment.

He knew that the spiritual as well as the mind changing messages hidden in his words would be found and understood by the 5% of humanity that is interested in truth with a a capital T.

He has indeed succeeded. His most powerful mind opening concept is that of the Structural Differential.

He also gave mankind the concept of “Time Binding.”

He was one of the first great thinkers to understand that all of man's problems start at the colloidal level of existence. And that the great majority of these problems are caused by words, the misuse of words, taken out of concept.

He also knew that they who control “the words,” control the world. Look around you.

His structural differential is a pattern or a model that explains the seven divisions of abstraction of all of creation.

It can be applied to every thing we know. It can be applied to mathematics, religion, art, music, literature etc.

Let us take the example of the Universe and it's ladder of creation.

There are seven steps or seven levels to the ladder of creation.

Picture in your mind seven ellipses, one on top, with six other descending ellipses. They are connected by strings between each one.

The highest ellipse and all models of the Structural Differential are started this way, is the ellipse of the Creator God. It is the start of all wisdom. It is how the mind of the Creator God works.

There is nothing “Higher” than this and without it as a starting point, there can be nothing created below it. Why do the universities leave the Creator God out of their curriculum's?

The next ellipse down, connected by a string to the Creator God Ellipse, is the Ellipse of the Universe.

Next ellipse down, connected by a string to the Universe is the ellipse of all of the Galaxies in the Universe, billions of them.

Next ellipse down is our particular Galaxy, the Milky Way.

The next ellipse down is all the Solar Systems in our Galaxy.

Next our Solar System.

And finally the last ellipse in the string of ellipses, the seventh one, is the planet Earth.

Look at how far down the ladder of creation we are. A thin layer of organic life struggling for wisdom and understanding in this remote part of the galaxy.

Construct this model and study it. The model of Lord Alfred's Structural Differential will expand your mind.

Try to build your own mental Structural Differentials using Math, Religion, Art or what ever else. It will open your eyes to the world of Wisdom.

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