Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Magical Law of Three

The Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that everything in the Universe is under law. Under the Law of the Creator God. The Age of Aquarius that we have just entered has given us a new paradigm that will last for the next 2000 years. It will be all about the mind and energy and the relationship between.

The Law of Three is one of the laws contained within this new paradigm. Simply stated it tells us when two energy fields, be they people, places or things come together they form a third energy relationship called THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN.

An example would be when you mix the color blue paint with the color yellow paint a new color Paint is formed. Green. It did not exist before you mixed the paints.

When you, an individual energy filed meet a new person, a second energy field, for the first time a third energy filed is formed called the relationship between you. This energy filed has a life of its own and the more you come into contact the stronger this energy filed becomes.

That is why when two people get married and become intimate the third energy field, the relationship between them gets stronger and stronger It takes on a life of its own on why the occultists call the astral plane. It stays strong and healthy as long as the two of you feed it with your energy by stating together. But once you decide to part and get separated, the entity on the inner places does not get fed with either of your energy again. So it cries out "mommy, daddy don't leave me."

Both of you will hear this plea and if you resolve to separate is not Strong enough it will pull you back together.

This Law of Three relationship exists between you and all your fiends and relatives. So,e stronger than others. It exists between you and your job, your religion, the places you visit often.

It actually begins to form with every person, place, thing and event in your daily life. Bus since most of them are fleeting they have no long lasting effect on you.

But be warned, the law of Three is ever at work. Be careful of who you associate with, where you go and even what you read and watch on TV. They will all connect to you.

Black magicians (and that is what it is) or more commonly known as advertisers (makers of commercials) know this. So they attach a song, or symbol or a beautiful women to their commercial and you watch it and watch it and hum it and hum it and the Law of Three makes a strong connection with it. The black magician now make you dance like a puppet on a string with this connection.

I was a math professor for 18 years and I shared the Law of Three with my students. One wise acre asked what if you were the only person in the whole universe, there would be no one to make the Law of Three work.

I smiled an replied there would be you (an energy source) the Universe (an energy source) and the relationship between you.

Learn all you can about the magical and powerful Law of Three to protect yourself in this very difficult society.

Why is it difficult? Because we are between two ages. The Age of Pisces is dying and the Age of Aquarius is being born. There is about a 200 year period when the dinosaur Age has not fully died, and the baby Age has not fully matured.

When this dinosaur Age of Pisces finally dies (and it will, it is Law) don't let it fall on you. This change in Ages is the reason for all the chaos in the world.

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